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Do you want to explore the Atlas in a fun way?
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Beach in Oostend.
EMODnet Secretariat
General publications28 March 2024
Download the Atlas’ Quiz on Marine Litter

Wish to know more about pollution on beaches and in the ocean?

  1. Open the presentation in slide show mode. On the second page, click on the answer.
  2. Not correct ? Click on “Let’s try again”! You see a map? Well done! 
  3. Looking for further information? Click on the hyperlink below the map. To continue, move to the next slide.


Marine Litter Quiz
(45.89 MB - PPTX)
European Atlas of the Seas Educational Quiz
EMODnet Secretariat
General publications19 November 2023
Download the European Atlas of the Seas Educational Quiz

With this educational quiz, learn about sea level rise, mean underwater depth and marine litter.


Educational Quiz
(22.99 MB - PPTX)

Atlas Geocaching game

The Atlas’ technical team has hidden three objects in the map layer ‘European Maritime Day in My Country 2023’. The geographical coordinates for the locations where these objects can be found are included in the game instructions. By using the Atlas’ measure tool, students can find these locations and find the common theme to these three objects.

Teachers' Guide - Geocaching game



Boat race level 1 (New Skipper)

Boat Race level 2 (Experienced skipper)

Discover activities organized across Europe for European Maritime Day in my Country 2022 by participating in a virtual boat race that will take you from Finland to Italy!

Boat race level 2 (Experienced skippers) is aimed at skippers who are already familiar with the European Atlas of the Seas and the use of geographical coordinates to find locations on a map. Not yet an experienced skipper in the Atlas? Become one with boat race level 1 (New skipper)!

Teachers' Guide - Boat race level 1

Teachers' Guide - Boat race level 2


Treasure Hunt

Have you ever heard of a treasure, hidden in a map?

Resolve the questions in the game, travel through the European Atlas of the Seas and find the treasure!

Teachers' Guide - Treasure Hunt



Easter Egg

Find our Easter Egg!

Solve the questions and see what happens!

Teachers' Guide - Easter Egg



Biodiversity quiz

Learn about

  • Marine Natura 2000 sites;
  • Regional Sea Conventions; and
  • Posidonia oceanica!