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Teachers' Guide - Easter Egg

Find our Easter Egg!


Easy to solve quiz, can be done with children.

The quiz gives the opportunity to learn some basic operations in the Atlas, e.g. how to look for a map, how to measure, how to zoom in and out...

Herewith the steps to solve the questions, and find the Easter Egg.

1/ Find the answer by selecting the European Maritime Day layer. For this, go to the Search area in the Atlas and start typing European Maritime Day and select the map by clicking on the tick box. You can close the popup screen by clicking on the cross in the right top corner.


The answer is Lisbon indeed.

2/ Add the layer European Maritime Day in my country (2019)

3/ Click on the events situated in Spain and find the event European Open Sea Swim on the layer


4/ Activate the measures tool to be able to measure distances on the map

  • Click on Home in the upper left corner and select Advanced Features
  • Activate the measures tool
  • Click on the measurement icon and choose the distance in kilometre
  • Click on the event and move around to find the small country, mentioned in the question at a distance of approximately 1335 km.
  • Zoom in on Malta and look for the Final Day Celebration event

Click on the event and see what happens