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Maritime Spatial Planning




The Maritime Spatial Planning directive envisages to:

  • reduce of conflicts between sectors and creation of synergies between different activities
  • encourage investments by creating predictability, transparency and clearer rules
  • increase cross-border cooperation between EU countries to develop energy grids, shipping lanes, pipelines, submarine cables and other activities, but also to develop coherent networks of protected area
  • protect and preserve of the environment through early identification of impact and opportunities for multiple use of space.

Have a closer look at the map and the information :

  • Where do you find the maritime spatial planning projects?
  • What is e.g. SIMNORAT? What region does it cover?
  • Which directive has been put in place?
  • What is the deadline for the establishment of maritime spatial plans?
  • What can be the problems for Member States to respect this deadline? What kind of help has been put in place to help them?