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Maritime Forum

The sea is not only used by fishermen. A lot of transport goes overseas. Some vessels are transporting goods, others are transporting passengers. Let the students discover the ferry lines and travel around Europe.



  • Find the nearest ferry port from where you live. Where it is located?
    Use the coordinates on the map for locating. Ask students to measure the distance between two ports (in km or miles)
  • Which country can you visit when you take the ferry?
    This question gives the opportunity to link back to the countries in Europe
  • Have a look at the legend. You will see 2 different symbols as not all ferry lines are working all year around. Give an example of each.
  • Which are the biggest ports in your country?
  • From where can you take a ferry to Madeira (remember, Madeira is an island belonging to Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean)?
    [From the port of Portimão in the south of Portugal, you can take a ferry to Funchal, Madeira]
  • Can you get to Iceland by boat?
    [a ferry lines takes you from Hanstholm (Denmark) to Thorshavn (Faroer Islands); from there a seasonal ferry line is running between Thorshavn to Seyðisfjörður (Iceland)]