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Maritime Forum

Plastic Art of the Sea

Art exhibition and video performance


General public
Language: Lithuanian. Subtitles in English
Duration: 15 - 30 minutes
Organised by Lithuanian Sea Museum

The exhibit “Plastic Art of the Sea” is a video performance, where a visitor can watch a graceful dance of a plastic piece sinking to the bottom of the sea where it joins the composition of breath-taking underwater sculptures made of various types of plastic. The frightening aesthetics of wasted plastic is shocking. The exhibit highlights urgent hot topics like nature pollution with plastics in a modern and emotive way. Co-author of the installation is a local artist Rodion Petrov. Graduated from the Vilnius Art Academy, the painter Rodion Petrov lives and creates in Klaipeda, exhibiting his works in Germany, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, China.

The exhibit is held at the Lithuanian Sea Museum.

Photo : Lithuanian Sea Museum

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