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News article4 June 2024Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries1 min read

News: Special Session on Algae-integrated Wastewater Reclamation, Recovery and Reuse of Water, Energy and Algae @ISAP 2024

This special session will take place on Thursday 20 June, in Porto, Portugal.


The ISAP 2024 conference will happen June 16 to 21, 2024, in Porto, Portugal. It will have a special focus on “Algae 2030: Challenges and Opportunities”, offering an excellent forum for discussions and establishing new partnerships.



During this event, attendees will have the opportunity to present their most recent work, engage in lively discussions and debates, and forge interdisciplinary consortia towards the successful attraction of European and worldwide funding agencies.


Check the ISAP 2024 conference programme:

General publications4 June 2024
Programme: ISAP 2024 conference


In that sense, a special session on Accelerating the adoption of Algae-integrated Wastewater Reclamation, Recovery and Reuse of Water, Energy and Algae will be part of the conference programme. It will take place on Thursday 20 June, from 14h45 to 17h30 (PT Time).


In this workshop, experienced experts will present and discuss wastewater reclamation that includes the recovery and reuse of:

(1) recycled water,

(2) renewable energy,

(3) algae biosolids.

The case studies will illustrate the advantages of algae-based wastewater systems over more conventional electro-mechanical wastewater reclamation facilities. The case studies will also quantify costs (capital, operational, and life cycle), energy intensity, GHG emissions, degree of circularity, and Sustainability Development Goal 6 compatibility and advancement. The range of choice for reusing recycled water, renewable energy, and algal biosolids is constrained by the quality of each co-product.

The goal is to examine the obstacles that have inhibited more widespread adoption of sustainability quality and goals and end by brainstorming how best to optimise and accelerate dissemination and deployment of Algae-based Wastewater Reclamation with Reuse of Water, Energy and Algae.


Check the official programme of this Special Session for more details:


Registration information can be found at the official ISAP 2024 website here.



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