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News article24 May 2024Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries2 min read

EU4Algae Project Database (AirTable): A New Tool for Tracking Algae Research in the EU

This is a comprehensive repository designed to catalogue EU projects related to algae and act as a valuable resource for industry stakeholders, researchers, and policymakers in the algae sector. 

To streamline and enhance the tracking of algae-related projects across Europe, the EU4Algae Project Database, hosted on AirTable, is an innovative resource designed to consolidate and categorise projects funded by various EU programs, offering a detailed overview of algae research and development initiatives. It is accessible via a public link: EU4Algae Project Database




Comprehensive scope and methodology 

The EU4Algae Project Database covers a wide range of projects from prominent EU funding programs such as Horizon, Interreg, EMFAF, LIFE, and CBE. It includes any project with an algae component, ensuring a broad scope. Projects are identified through a meticulous search using keywords like “algae,” “seaweed,” “microalgae,” and “cyanobacteria,” among others. This ensures that even projects where algae are not the main focus are included. 


Detailed classification and use-cases 

Projects in the EU4Algae Project Database are tagged with specific categories, providing a detailed classification system. Tags include areas such as aquaculture, biofuels, bioremediation, bioactives, and many more. This tagging system allows users to easily filter and find projects relevant to their interests. 


In addition, the database serves multiple purposes: 

  • Evaluating research efforts to date and accessing results. 

  • Finding parallel projects on similar topics. 

  • Identifying areas where further research is needed. 


User-friendly features 

The EU4Algae Project Database is designed with user accessibility in mind. Users can search for projects using keywords, apply filters to narrow down results and download project data in Excel format. Moreover, new projects can be added by users, provided they complete the required information. 

To enhance user experience, the database offers additional interfaces such as a dashboard view and a portfolio view, although these features require a free AirTable account. 


Insights and future directions 

Analysis of the database reveals that the most researched topics include the monitoring of algae, research and development, and cultivation. Conversely, areas such as multi-use, harmful algal blooms, invasive species, biofouling, carbon capture, pigments, community-led local development, and construction are less explored. 


As a valuable tool for researchers, industry stakeholders, and policymakers, the EU4Algae Project Database not only provides a centralised repository of algae-related projects but also helps identify research gaps and foster collaboration across the sector. 


For further information, access the official EU4Algae Project Database Instruction Manual.

General publications24 May 2024
EU4Algae Project Database Instruction Manual


Also, learn more by watching the user guide tutorial video. 





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