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News article19 April 2024Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries2 min read

EU4Algae Outcomes – Summary Report on Overview of Education, Youth & Business Support for the European Algae Sector: Boosting innovation and knowledge  

In the scope of EU4Algae, an outcome from the project is now available. 

The European algae sector, though established, holds vast untapped potential for growth with policymakers increasingly turning to oceans for solutions to pressing global challenges: from food, nutrition and freshwater security to carbon capture, storage and utilisation, nitrogen and phosphorous uptake, ocean deacidification, biodiversity net gains and ecosystem restoration. 

Enters EU4Algae, the stakeholder forum which aims to unite and concentrate European algae expertise to drive industry growth. 


In this light, and under Task 1.6 of the EU4Algae project, the “Overview of Education, Youth & Business Support for the European Algae Sector” summary report, is now published under the European Union’s Publications Office. It combines two subtasks within EU4Algae: (1) Assessing the current EU algae business environment and identifying necessary actions for improvement and (2) Exploring tools and initiatives to attract more youth and entrepreneurs to the industry

The research involved obtaining results deriving from interviews, surveys, and desk research with policymakers, educators, start-ups, industry professionals and EU4Algae stakeholders. 


As education and business are closely intertwined: education shapes the businesses of the future - and not only in schools. This report covers a broad algae career spectrum, spanning from primary education to international fiscal policy, to transition to a circular economy, education must incorporate algae at all levels. 

The report advocates for targeted educational and business initiatives to mainstream the European algae industry and ensure broad access. 


Purpose of the Summary Report 

The “Overview of Education, Youth & Business Support for the European Algae Sector” summary report aims to gather and streamline a wide array of resources available to various stakeholders, including young individuals, entrepreneurs, professionals, and businesses. 

It offers a user-friendly overview of support mechanisms within the algae industry, highlighting key tools, networks, and publications. 

Additionally, it provides access to a database with categorised links to relevant organisations, events, platforms, and resources for further exploration. 


Its target audience? Young people, entrepreneurs, career switchers, and industry insiders seeking to navigate the European algae landscape. It also caters to newcomers like regulators, policymakers, or other indirect stakeholders, offering insights into algae education and industry dynamics. 

Essentially, the “Overview of Education, Youth & Business Support for the European Algae Sector” summary report serves as a starting point for further research, networking, business growth, and policy development within the algae sector. 


Learn more by accessing the “Overview of Education, Youth & Business Support for the European Algae Sector” summary report document! 



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Publication date
19 April 2024
Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries