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News article27 June 2024Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries4 min read

EU4Algae Highlight Stories: BettaF!sh announces participation in innovative FunSea project to revolutionise the food ingredients sector with seaweed

BettaF!sh, one of Europe’s leading alt-seafood and seaweed start-ups, announces its involvement in the FunSea project, a collaborative EU-wide research initiative aimed at advancing the quality and safety of cultivated brown and green seaweed.


The FunSea project, supported by the Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership under the European Commission's Horizon 2020 program, is led by SINTEF, Norway's renowned research organisation. It brings together a consortium of leading research partners (Lund University, Aalborg University, Fraunhofer IMTE), industry partners (Seaweed Solutions, BettaF!sh) and one public body (Marine Centre Simrishamns Municipality). 


This research project aims to develop novel, sustainable food products over three years by employing cutting-edge processing technologies and utilising residual biomass from biomarine industries. BettaF!sh will play a pivotal role, leveraging its expertise in innovative plant-based fish alternatives from seaweed to develop and refine its current and new fish alternatives using novel seaweed biomass. This effort aims to improve consumer acceptance and broaden market reach. 


Creating a Sustainable Impact 

Berlin-based BettaF!sh’s prioritises conserving the oceans by building a new industry of impact-enhanced foods based on seaweed. The start-up’s fish alternatives taste and look just like the original but are 100% plant-based (learn more about their Product Portfolio). Seaweed cultivation itself is regenerative and a sustainable alternative to fishing. 

Recognising seaweed's untapped potential early on, BettaF!sh has consistently pushed the boundaries of research and development. Their deep understanding of seaweed’s unique properties enables them to create better alternative products that are set to transform the plant-based sector, making a lasting impact on the entire food industry and redefining the future of sustainable eating. 



FunSea project: What it entails 

Working together with a research team of like-minded and passionate seaweed experts, BettaF!sh aims to address key issues in the food ingredient sector, particularly the sustainable and efficient use of marine resources. The project focuses on innovative processing of cultivated seaweeds to significantly improve their functional properties. BettaF!sh will work to overcome specific challenges such as the intensive green colour, high iodine content, and the distinctive off-flavour often associated with seaweed. 

Their goal is to eliminate these barriers, ensuring seaweed is not only safe and nutritious but also appealing for integration into a diverse array of food products. This is set to revolutionise the way we think about marine biomass and its applications in food. By developing new sustainable processing technologies and using side streams and residual biomass, the FunSea project aims to minimise waste and maximise resource efficiency. This approach aligns with global sustainability goals and paves the way for creating healthy and environmentally friendly food products. 


Miriam Gößmann, BettaF!sh's project representative, stated: 

"Our involvement in the FunSea project marks a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainability and innovation. We are excited to leverage our expertise in sustainable food processing to transform seaweed into high-quality, nutritious food ingredients that meet the needs of today's health-conscious consumers." 


Future Outlook 

The FunSea project is expected to yield a range of sustainable food products that will set new standards in the food industry. The collaboration aims to foster a greater understanding of seaweed’s potential in Western diets, overcoming previous barriers related to nutritional content and sensory properties. Through this project, BettaF!sh and its partners will deliver novel food prototypes tailored for the European market, significantly impacting the blue economy and contributing to food security in sustainable ways. 



Additional information 

About BettaF!sh 

BettaF!sh stands for healthier oceans and a mouth-watering, plant-based future. Using seaweed and legumes, the start-up is not only developing authentic fish alternatives but also unique seaweed-based ingredients for the wider food industry. Thanks to the carefully curated mix of seaweeds, fava bean and pea protein, their fish alternatives TU-NAH and SAL-NOM look and taste like the real deal - 100% plant-based, a source of protein and made without any soy or wheat. Seaweed deserves a place on all our plates and will play a pivotal role in our future food system. BettaF!sh is making these amazing plants accessible to the food industry by driving research and development into how we can use them to create novel ingredients. The Berlin-based start-up is backed by renowned investors in climate and food technology, such as Pale Blue Dot, Astanor, Mudcake, Z Impact Ventures, Nomea Impact, Sagan, Rainmaking, HERmesa, Croton Capital, among others. 


Learn more about BettaF!sh by visiting their official website. For more information, contact their press contact Thao Trinh at thaoatbettafish [dot] co (thao[at]bettafish[dot]co)



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Publication date
27 June 2024
Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries