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General public
18:00 CET on 8th of June
Organised by the Children For The Oceans and Mercator Ocean

This year, for World Ocean Day, the association Children For the Oceans (CFTO) of Thomas Lesage, founding member of the Youth4Ocean Forum, is organising a major event dedicated to the Arctic zone and its protection. Thanks to the participation of both scientists and geopolitical experts and the children of Greenland, we will have recent scientific status on the Arctic and we will see the climatic and geopolitical issues linked to the Arctic.

CFTO aims to give a voice to those who will be most affected by global warming: the youngest.

Our ambassadors from around the world will therefore have the opportunity to take the floor and create a time for discussion. Also, we will have the chance to host a class of pupils from the Ukaliusaq (Nuuk) school in Greenland.

The event will be broadcast directly from the premises of Mercator Ocean in Toulouse, France.

Join us and meet scientists, geopolitical experts and children from Greenland to discuss the Arctic and its future.

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