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Dance for the Ocean

Dance performance


General public
Language: Any
Duration: 1 min 55
Organised by Pupils of the Lycée Giraux Sannier, Option Art Danse, Saint Martin Boulogne

This contemporary dance performance was created in the framework of a school project that started in 2019. The dance was performed by the pupils 14-18 years old. The choreography was designed to raise awareness of plastic pollution, oil spills and the necessity to protect marine animals and it was inspired by a scientific research that had been carried out by the pupils. The video was edited in 2021 for the Ocean Literacy Festival.

Cetaceans and other fauna are threatened. How to protect them from human pressures? We are all part of the same universe and we all live together on the same planet so let’s take care of one another!

These are the questions that inspired the pupils’ artistic expression.

Photo: David Debove

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