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Maritime Forum

The Trilogy of Ocean, Coast and Climate: The Urgency and Exigency of Literacy

Learning activity/Training session/MOOC


Young people, professional audiences (> 16 y.o.)
Language: English
Time: 9:00 CET on 21 May, 28 May, 4 June
Duration: All day
Organised by International Ocean-Climate School (IOCS)

These Ocean Open University sessions will explore the interrelations and influences among oceans, coastal processes, climate change, human activity and sustainability. The participants will become even better ocean-climate-coast-literate and geo-ethical stakeholders who can help other people to become literate in the ocean-climate-coast nexus, in other words, they will learn about the ocean, coasts and climate system, to behave in a responsible manner in that system and how to pass on their knowledge and skills to others.


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