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Studies aiming at improving national maritime and coastal statistics

reports concluded that national statistical offices will not provide data other than that which is already provided to Eurostat

Ifremer Study - Approach towards an Integrated Maritime Policy Database

With the publication of the Blue Book "An Integrated Maritime Policy for the European Union" in October 2007, the Commission proposed a policy combining measures aimed at enhancing competitiveness and sustainable development, following the Lisbon and Gothenburg strategies. The IMP is confronted with having to deal with very different policy areas involving a range of the EU institutions and stakeholders, in a range of maritime sectors and regions.

Given its complexity, this objective requires a solid set of information to document policy areas, including information on maritime activities and regions. In this purpose, the Blue Book and its Action Plan proposed the development of database on economic and social data for maritime sectors and coastal regions (Action 6.5 of the Action Plan). EC / Eurostat launched a study for the development of the database. The present report presents and analyses the results of this study which started in January 2008 and was achieved in January 2009.

Ifremer Report Ifremer appendices

Sogeti Study – Sea and coastal areas in Europe

In order to provide a better and more holistic picture on the socio-economic situation in the maritime sectors at European and Member State (i.e. those with coastal areas) levels, the Commission launched a study consisting in establishing an inventory of data available in Eurostat’s reference database NewCronos, the various DG databases as well as in the most important official Organisations and Institutions. The key objectives of this research are

  • to analyse the current level of the socio-economic state in all sea-related sectors, reveal trends from the past decade and forecasts for the coming ten years at Member State and EU (EU-27) levels;
  • to provide an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the activities related to the sea or those that use maritime resources.

The scope of this research is the gathering and analysis of existing data rather than the search for new primary data. The results of this study is presented in this publication.

Sogeti introduction Sogeti chapter one sogeti chapter two sogeti chapter three sogeti appendix