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Learn with us how to Recognise Skates and Rays!

Learning activity/Training session/MOOC


General public, fishermen, (>15 y.o.)
Language: English, French, Flemish/Dutch
Duration:<15 minutes
Organised by SUMARiS project

Did you know? More than 10 species of skates and rays are observed in the Channel and North Sea. Today, fishing for these fish is managed at European level by a single TAC, without distinction of species Fishermen want to improve regulations and fishing techniques to avoid overfishing and to facilitate the release of the most vulnerable skate and ray species. What's the problem? There isn’t sufficient scientific data yet to consider species-specific management measures. So what can we do?

Step 1: Learn to recognise the different species better.

Step 2: Spread the word so that more and more people know the skates and rays in the Channel and North Sea.

These are the keys to qualitative data!

Now is your turn, come and learn how to recognise the main species of skates and rays in the Channel and the North Sea with the SUMARiS project!

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