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The Challenge of the Year of the EU4Ocean Coalition

Strengthening skills in ocean literacy


What is our Challenge of the year?  

Every year, the EU4Ocean coalition proposes its Challenge of the year to steer collective action within the Coalition, attract new members to the Coalition and enhance the Coalition’s overall visibility.

What can a Challenge of the year be?

A challenge faced for the sustainable management and protection of the ocean (e.g. protecting marine biodiversity, healthy ocean as climate action, protecting marine heritage, blue carbon)

A societal group which ocean literacy is key to the sustainable management and protection of the ocean (e.g. inhabitants from overseas territories, blue entrepreneurs, socially fragile communities, Early Career Professionals)

A product or tool expected to address major bottlenecks in ocean literacy (e.g. the role of digital, the development of a blue curriculum, integrating sustainability in blue careers, an interactive game to bring the blue to children)

The selection of the Challenge of the year can build on, and be inspired by: the thematic area selected for the European Year; a political and policy priority of the European Union (EU) and of its different instruments; the priority focus of a high-level international event or process; a major crisis affecting the European Union requiring solutions from all fronts.

The Challenge of the year guides:

  • Activities organised by the EU4Ocean coalition in high-visibility events (e.g. workshops, training, on-site demonstrations, hackathons, etc.)

  • Communication and advocacy campaigns launched by the coalition;

  • The development of synergies with communities that are key to the Challenge of the Year;

The Challenge of the year is also translated into a specific Call for Collective Action, with financial support by the EU4Ocean coalition provided to the best collective proposals addressing the Challenge of the year.

Our Challenge for 2023: Strengthening skills in ocean literacy

Inspired by the EU Year of Skills, we are dedicating 2023 to strengthening skills in ocean literacy.

How to foster skills to deliver high-quality and impactful ocean literacy? We see an increasing attention given to ocean literacy in Europe and worldwide. Much has, and is, been developed to support ocean literacy for different target groups from the local to the European scale.

This movement needs to be further amplified to contribute to the transition delivering the sustainable management of ocean resources and the protection of marine ecosystems we need.

Strengthening skills in ocean literacy including for knowledge brokers, and training ocean literacy trainers, is part of the answer to amplification – as one ocean literacy skilled person will be able to reach many readers & listeners, clients, colleagues, partners, students, children.

Join the EU4Ocean coalition and help addressing its challenge of the year!

Bring the Blue to the EU Year of skills!