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Winners of the Call for Collective Action on the Challenge of the Year

Projects contributing to strengthening skills in ocean literacy

EU4Ocean Challenge of the Year Winners

The EU4Ocean Call for Collective Action on the Challenge of the Year has come to an end and the winners have been selected! 

The winning projects will receive financial support of up to 40 000€ each. Throughout the coming year, the winners will be working on the implementation of their projects with the guidance of the EU4Ocean Coalition. 

The proposals have been evaluated based on the 6 key principles of the EU4Ocean Coalition and the operational feasibility of each proposal. The selection process was carried out by the secretariat of the EU4Ocean Coalition and supported by the Coalition’s Advisory Board. 


The winners

Let’s Save the Baltic Sea – an environmental hiking expedition around the Baltic Sea in 2024. 

About the project: The Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted seas in the world, with one of the largest dead zones. The purpose of the expedition is to develop a culture of marine conservation, inform citizens about the state of the aquatic ecosystems, and bring together local communities and stakeholders in the Baltic Sea countries to co-design local solutions and enable collective action that will help halt marine pollution. In doing so, the project will improve ocean literacy in the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea and strengthen cooperation between different communities. 

Talk CEC - a cultural centre in Brussels engaged in environmental issues. 

About the project: Talk CEC will organise an immersive biennale exhibition, Seas & Oceans, a fusion between art and science, to raise awareness of environmental issues through a new prism. The project aims to build a wider community around ocean-related issues, encourage the circulation and access of scientific knowledge to the widest possible audience by organising a wide range of events (conferences, workshops, and urban and contemporary art exhibitions), and offer a new experience for learning through an art-science dialogue. 

BlueMinds4Teachers - fostering ocean literacy in education for sustainable development. 

About the project: the project aims to strengthen the skills of EU (and non-EU) teachers (and other marine educators) in ocean literacy through collaboration with marine researchers, education and social scientists, the EU Blue Schools Network and the Youth4Ocean Ambassadors. One of the objectives of the project is to design an interactive online training course to improve teachers' skills in promoting ocean literacy at schools.