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Youth4Ocean Mentorship Programme

Join the pool of Mentors to support Young Ocean Advocates!

Are you an ocean professional, educator, science communicator? Would you like to support Young Ocean Advocates to successfully implement their projects and develop professional skills in their field of interest? Then you can support the Youth4Ocean Forum by becoming a Mentor for Young Ocean Advocates!

Call for Youth4Ocean Forum Mentors for Young Ocean Advocates


As the Youth4Ocean Forum is growing, with 16 projects recently joining the Young Ocean Advocate programme under the Restore our Ocean and Waters thematic call, young project leaders are in search of mentoring opportunities to develop specific skills, expertise, and capacity in several ocean-related fields. Once a first pool of mentors is identified, Youth4Ocean Forum facilitators will pair mentors with mentees based on their needs and interests.

  • If you are a potential Mentor, please fill out the Mentor survey.
  • If you are a Young Ocean Advocate and would like to benefit from mentoring services, please fill out the Mentee survey!

Read the Guidelines with the FAQs below: 

4 JULY 2024
Mentorship Programme Guidelines


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