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Maritime Forum

#WeAreAllOceanCitizens in the Mediterranean

Games / Quizzes / Treasure hunts about the ocean

Target audience: Public, youth, teachers, policymakers, community engagement organizations
Language: English
Format: online
Time: 11:00 CEST
Duration: 45 minutes
Organised by Mercator Ocean International & Sulitest


During this event, we will present the SDG14 module: its purpose, how it was created, who is it for, who are the experts that created the questions... And then lets the game begin! Divided into four teams named after endangered or vulnerable Mediterranean species, participants will individually take this Ocean Literacy quiz and attempt to score points for their team! Every answer will be discussed by the moderator with Youth4Med forum members, leading to a concluding call for action: this quiz is made to be shared to help raise global awareness about the ocean because #WeAreAllOceanCitizens. Let's play!