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Your action matters. Make your pledge

The Make Europe Blue campaign calls on citizens, businesses, organisations, authorities, and celebrities to commit to an action that can benefit the ocean.

Make Europe Blue Campaign

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No matter where you live, what you do or the size of your contribution, we can all act together for a healthy ocean in Europe and beyond .

Any type of pledge that serves our ocean will be accepted, so use your imagination, get creative and - together - we will make this happen.

Submit your pledge 

Get inspired!

Looking for examples of pledges? Check the European Map, the Featured Pledges and our Social Media Feed, or find some inspiration below:



    As a citizen

    • I pledge to reduce my use of single use plastics by 90%
    • I pledge to stop using single-use plastics (for example: I will stop using plastic straws, disposable water bottles, plastic cutlery, cotton ear buds etc)
    • I pledge to only eat certified sustainable seafood
    • I pledge to volunteer at a local non-profit dedicated to ocean protection
    • I pledge to support a (local) non-profit dedicated to ocean protection through a monthly donation
    • I pledge to pick up (plastic) rubbish on my walk at least once a week
    • I pledge to reduce the use of my car by 50% and take my bicycle or public transport where possible.
    • I pledge to organise a beach / neighbourhood clean-up with my community.



    As a company/business

    • We pledge to only serve sustainable seafood in our canteen.
    • As a car/battery/technology/renewable technology company, we pledge not to source minerals from the deep sea, until sustainable supply is guaranteed.
    • We pledge to remove all single-use plastics from our canteen.
    • We pledge to invite an ocean advocate to our business for a seminar on the ocean and why it is important to protect it.
    • We pledge to hold a company fundraiser for an ocean-based charity or initiative.
    • We pledge to sponsor an ocean-based initiative / organisation.



    As an educator

    • I pledge to include basic lessons about the ocean in my classroom / curriculum
    • I pledge to take my children to the beach for a beach clean-up and teach them about the importance of a healthy ocean
    • I pledge to spend 1/2 a day per semester teaching my class about the ocean.
    • I pledge to invite an ocean advocate to my school to talk about the ocean
    • I pledge to organise a creative fundraiser (e.g. a fun run) with my class / school for an ocean organisation / charity.



    As an influencer/celebrity

    • I pledge to promote only sustainable products on my platform
    • I pledge to post at least one post on the importance of the ocean every week
    • I pledge to invite an ocean-based organisation and / or advocate to take over my social media account for a day to promote ocean causes.

    I will make my own personal pledges for the ocean (avoid single use plastics, etc.) and share them across my platforms.