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Ocean Governance Forum

The EU International Ocean Governance Forum

The International Ocean Governance Forum (IOG Forum) brought together ocean actors and stakeholders within and beyond Europe to share understanding, experiences and good practices on ocean governance. It was initiated to support the development of the EU’s International Ocean Governance Agenda (IOG Agenda) for the future of our oceans. This agenda selected 50 actions to ensure clean, healthy, safe, secure and sustainably used oceans. It is an integral part of the European Commission’s Green Deal and the EU’s response to the 2030 Agenda, in particular, the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14 Life Below Water.

With the 3rd IOG Forum on April 20, 2021, the public process has now come to an end. The recommendations sourced from this will feed into an updated EU IOG Agenda, intended to be released in 2022. The recommendation report stemming from the IOG Forum is available here.

The IOG Forum mobilised stakeholders worldwide – including EU Member States, international organisations, the private sector, civil society and science actors – to share and discuss challenges, practical experiences, solutions and pre-conditions for success for:

● Improving the International Ocean Governance framework

● Reducing pressures on the ocean and seas and creating the conditions for a sustainable blue economy

● Strengthening international ocean research, data and knowledge

We thank participants for sharing their experiences, views and ideas to inspire this result-oriented dialogue on improving international governance of our oceans towards global sustainability objectives.

For more details, please see the IOG flyer and the IOG operational guidelines

Content-related questions can be sent to EU-Ocean-Governance-Forumatec [dot] europa [dot] eu


Activities & Events of the IOG Forum

As a dynamic stakeholder platform to support the development of the EU’s international ocean governance agenda for the future of our oceans, the IOG Forum operated via four types of activities and events. Find out more about IOG Forum below!

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