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Thematic Working Group (TWG) 1: Improving the international ocean governance framework

The Thematic Working Group (TWG) Improving the international ocean governance framework focuses on key opportunities and points of action in which the EU can play a leading role to strengthen international ocean governance. It will address issues such as: gaps in the international ocean governance framework; ocean governance in a fast-changing climate; the potential for coordination and cooperation to strengthen the ocean governance framework; and preconditions for effective ocean governance including individual and institutional capacities and stakeholder engagement.

The discussion paper can be found here: iog-discussions-paper-twg1.pdf

More information about this thematic working group can be downloaded here: a5-iog-twg1-v1-1.pdf

The operational guidelines can be found here: iog-operational_guidelines-v1.pdf

Content related questions can be sent to EU-Ocean-Governance-Forumatec [dot] europa [dot] eu