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Maritime Forum

#potavristou: Citizen science and participation for ocean literacy and health

Conservation action / Beach cleaning / Citizen science / Social media campaign

Target audience: Public
Language: English
Format: on-site
Mediterranean focus: Cyprus, Mediterranean Sea basin
Time: 09:00
Duration: 2 days, 6 hours per day
Organised by AKTI Project and Research Centre


#potavristou is a social media campaign that will run for the entire month of September 2021, to raise awareness on the issues of marine litter and to further create a sense of responsibility. The campaign will be advertised on social and conventional media to attract volunteers to pick up litter while visiting a nearby beach and send us the data either through the Clean Swell App or through social media using the hashtags #potavristou and #akti. These hashtags will be used to filter through the submissions and collect data on the location, amount of people and amount of litter collected. Engaging social media banners and short videos will be developed and shared on social media throughout September to raise awareness about #potavristou. Social media posts on ocean literacy and its principles will also be shared. On the 24th and 25th of September the organised beach cleanups will be held under theOcean Literacy Festival in collaboration with schools, NGOs, and prominent public figures to maximise the traditional media coverage of the activity. We expect the #potavristou campaign to result in a more aware and engaged society, as well as collect data on marine litter from around Cyprus (and elsewhere). We are aiming to have at least 2500 volunteers, collect at least 13 tons of litter, and have a reach of at least 12 million through social and conventional media.