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Plogging Week

31 October 2021 – 7 November 2021


Cleaning the environment+jogging…PLOGGING
Have you ever heard of such a unique environmental movement that will take place in Yerevan (Armenia), Bratislava (Slovakia) and Constanta (Romania)?

If not, then you’ll find all the necessary information below:

Plogging originated in Sweden. Plogging is the process of collecting litter from the streets while running. It started as an organized activity in Sweden in 2016 and quickly spread to other countries in 2018 due to plastic pollution concerns.
Regular running turns into an eco event where you not only run to keep yourself fit but also help to clean the surrounding environment.

Moreover, you also need to bend and sit up a lot to pick up the litter, which is another activity contributing to your health and shape.
If running is not for you, no problem! You can as well just walk and pick up the litter. This activity will also work well for those who love to bike.

The event will take place on October 31 in Constanta and Bratislava, and in Yerevan on November 7, near Hrazdan Kirch, at 12:00 am

Our partner organizations are Slovak Eco Quality, MareNostrum, CreativePlus.

The event is organized in the frames of Youngsters without borders NGO․

Dress Code: the preferable outfit for the event is comfortable sportswear
To get registered follow this link:

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