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News article26 June 2024Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries2 min read

Introducing Nordic SeaFarm – a pioneering company dedicated to the sustainable cultivation and commercialisation of seaweed

On the Insider’s Perspective, we give visibility to EU4Algae members’ key research findings, business opportunities and innovations relevant to the algae sector.


This initiative aims to ‘give the floor’ to all partners to share their projects and success stories and disseminate them with the Algae community. Keep reading to know more about the latest initiative that is part of this seventh edition!


Nordic SeaFarm: Embracing product innovation for a regenerative future


Nordic SeaFarm is a pioneering company based in Sweden, dedicated to the cultivation and commercialisation of seaweed. Established with a vision to create a regenerative planet catalysed by seaweed, Nordic SeaFarm is at the forefront of transforming the way seaweed is produced and utilised (check their Product Portfolio).



Historically, Nordic SeaFarm has focused on sustainable food production by finding the right partners that want to develop high-quality, nutrient-rich seaweed products.

In 2023, Nordic SeaFarm became the first company in Europe to farm and harvest Ulva fenestrata (a green algae) on a large scale in the ocean. Nordic SeaFarm’s seaweed applications include cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, agriculture and animal feed.



Why collaborate with EU4Algae? The answer is simple.

The EU4Algae initiative supports Nordic SeaFarm and the EU algae sector through collaboration, networking and regulatory support. To unlock the full potential of algae in the EU, several key areas need to be addressed:

  • Investment in R&D: Essential for discovering new applications for seaweed, improving cultivation technologies, and increasing the efficiency and scalability of seaweed production.
  • Market Development: Building and expanding markets for seaweed products and raising awareness among consumers and industries about the benefits of seaweed.
  • Supportive Policies and Regulations: Clear and supportive policies are necessary to facilitate the growth of the algae sector. Streamlining regulatory processes and providing incentives for sustainable practices can accelerate industry development.


Nordic SeaFarm exemplifies the potential of seaweed cultivation to address some of the most pressing sustainability challenges. To help unlock the full potential of algae, active participation in initiatives like EU4Algae, research, market development, policy support, infrastructure, and education is pivotal. That is why Nordic SeaFarm works hard every day to make seaweed a cornerstone of a sustainable and resilient future.



What will happen next?

Nordic SeaFarm is continuously working on finding new species of seaweed that can be sustainably farmed in healthy Swedish waters. Moving forward, Nordic SeaFarm is focusing on using seaweed as a resource in as many applications as possible. The company is currently exploring the use of seaweed in the creation of biodegradable and sustainable materials.



Learn more about Nordic SeaFarm by visiting their official website. For more information, contact them via form or at helloatnordicseafarm [dot] com (hello[at]nordicseafarm[dot]com).



Publication date
26 June 2024
Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries