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New European Atlas of the Seas Video Tutorial on the My Maps Tool

Did you know that you can create your own working space in the Atlas? Bring your experience to the next level by watching the new video tutorial on the My Maps tool!

Watch this video tutorial to learn how you can use the Atlas’ My Maps tool to create and save your own maps to prepare a presentation on the ocean, seas and coasts or, if you are a teacher, to prepare a lesson.

Have you been using the European Atlas of the Seas to prepare presentations on the ocean, seas and coasts? Are you a teacher and do you wish to integrate maps into your lessons or to create map-based exercises and games for your students? The My Maps tool will help you do this!

Watch the new video tutorial to learn how to create your working space in the Atlas, save your selection of map layers, add a title to your map and add notes or questions for the students! You can save your maps and come back to them later to further update them or modify them. Try it today!