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Maritime Forum

From Hell to Heaven: a journey into the Plasticocene

Guided tour / Walk / Exhibition about a marine topic including arts or photos

Target audience: Public
Language: Italian/English
Format: online
Time: 14:30 CEST
Duration: 30 minutes
Organised by Marevivo - Delagazione FVG


It represents a laboratory-exhibition on sea health created through a cathartic journey that aims to become a source fo reflection for the visitor on three possible scenarios, which refer to those of Dante. The project combines art, science, information and involvement in a path of awareness and responsibility for a healthier and more sustainable society. The exhibition will be held at Magazzino 26 by the artist Elisabetta Milan, the scientific contributions are handled by the WWF - AMP Miramare while the conception and coordination of the project are by the Marevivo FVG Association. The exhibition is organized with the contribution of the CR Trieste Foundation.