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The future of the Arctic’s resources - from local development to global impact

Sustainability of the Arctic's resources? Listen to Professors Rachael Lorna Johnstone and Mia Bennet exploring the challenges of the Arctic ocean.


In this 6th episode of the "If Oceans Could Speak" podcast series, we are delighted to talk with Professors Rachael Lorna Johnstone and Mia Bennet. Mia is an Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong and Rachael is a Professor of law at the University in Akureyri in the North of Iceland and at Ilisimatusarfik, the University of Greenland, in Nuuk.

“If we actually listened to the people that have been listening to the oceans and trying to interpret them for generations and generations, then I think we might make better decisions.”

(Rachael Lorna Johnstone)


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“(...) I think we need more engagement and inclusion of indigenous science when we are trying to decide how to manage these environmental and economic challenges that we are facing.”

(Rachael Lorna Johnstone)

What does the Arctic give us? How do we access these resources? And how are they shared amongst us? These are key questions for the sustainability of the Arctic's resources and they are at the heart of our discussion with Mia and Rachael.

Mia and Rachael share their wealth of knowledge on all matters Arctic and bring its state of affairs into sharp focus. We learn how its infrastructure has changed since the Cold War, the opportunities and challenges that climate change could bring for its development, and what we stand to gain if we listen to the Arctic Ocean as indigenous peoples have done for centuries.

Thank you, Mia and Rachael, for sharing your valuable insights and for bringing the Arctic closer to home than ever.

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