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Every person matters and every action counts

The 2nd podcast promoted by members of the EU4Ocean Coalition is now online! Dr Gosia Smieszek talks about gender equality ad representation. Let's listed to her together.


We are delighted to be joined by acclaimed political scientist Dr Gosia Smieszek in today’s episode. Gosia works at Norway’s Arctic University in Tromso, researching issues of Arctic Ocean governance. She is also passionate about gender equality and representation, and has co-founded the successful association “Women of the Arctic”.

“Gender is really central to so many discussions that we have in the region and about the future of the Arctic but a few years ago it was still really not the case that it would be brought up in forums all that often. I’m very happy to say that this is something that we see now changed…” (Dr Gosia Smieszek)


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“It can be very empowering to know that your actions have impact on even the most remote beautiful places on our planet, and with our everyday actions we can help to save them and we can contribute to the protection of places as amazing as the Arctic Ocean…”

In this episode, we talk openly about the complexity of governing the Arctic Ocean, and the added challenges (and opportunities) that climate change brings. We also explore the experiences that motivated her and her colleagues to create the inspiring “Women of the Arctic” and Plan A initiative.

Gosia’s sense of purpose is clearly palpable, and seems to stem from the personal connection to the environment she finds in her daily life. How can we all be as determined to make a difference in the Arctic Ocean? Gosia says: “Do what brings you joy”.

Read the transcript of this episode.

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