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Maritime Forum

EU4Ocean at Ocean Week

Celebrating World Ocean Day with EU4Ocean


The EU4Ocean Coalition is organising an event in celebration of World Ocean Day. The event will be held in Brussels in a cultural hub, Talk CEC. During the event, visitors will be invited to discover the wonders of the ocean, engage with Blue Economy professionals, and explore the many facets of ocean sustainability.

The event will take place on 8 June, 14.00 – 23.00 CEST, offering a variety of activities for visitors.

Event agenda

14.00 – 15.00: Building a Collective Storyline on the Ocean

Engage in an interactive workshop facilitated by members of the Youth4Ocean Forum. Collaborate with fellow participants to develop a collective storyline on the sustainable ocean, highlighting the importance of conservation and responsible practices.

16.00 – 22.00: Behind the Curtains! All You Always Wanted to Know (But Never Dared to Ask) About the Ocean

Participate in short pitches and informal exchanges with ocean knowledge and data providers. Gain valuable insights into ocean data and knowledge through engaging discussions. Visit 4-5 small booths featuring posters, videos, documentaries, and publications. Discover the Behind the Curtains discussions and put your knowledge to the test with an interactive quiz.

14.00 – 23.00: If the Ocean Could Speak

Listen to professionals committed to the ocean share their experiences and insights into the ocean’s many facets. Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with ocean conservation and sustainability.

18.00 – 23.00: Blue Networking: Bring the Blue to Young Professionals of the EU Bubble

Join for a vibrant networking session and meet inspiring blue professionals from various fields, including scientists, policy analysts, campaigners, blue sector professionals, consultants, and ocean observers. Expand your professional network and explore new possibilities for collaboration.

18.30 – 22.00: Play the Trivial Blue!

Test your knowledge of the ocean and its connections to our daily lives in a "live" Trivial Pursuit game. Join one of two Trivial waves, scheduled from 18.30 to 19.00 and from 21.15 to 21.45, and challenge yourself to discover the diverse aspects of our relationship with the ocean.

19.30 – 21.30: The Blue Impro Show! When Comedians and Musicians Help Us to "Think Ocean"

Experience a unique improvisation show presented by ImproBubble! Three talented comedians, a musician, and marine professionals will take the stage, offering a blend of entertainment and thought-provoking insights. Join one of two impro waves, scheduled from 19.30 to 20.00 and from 20.30 to 21.00, for an engaging and fun-filled evening.

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to deepen your understanding of the ocean, engage with professionals, and contribute to a sustainable future. Join EU4Ocean at Talk CEC in Brussels and be part of this remarkable event!