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EU4Ocean Coalition: Ocean Literacy Series

Connecting Science, Education, and Blue Sectors for a Sustainable Future

Welcome to a transformative journey of discovery with the Ocean Literacy Brief Series, an initiative proudly launched by the EU4Ocean Coalition. Supported by the European Commission, this series is a dynamic endeavor to fortify ocean literacy throughout Europe and beyond. As EU4Ocean delves into diverse aspects of marine understanding, the aim is to foster a deeper connection between individuals, communities, and the vast blue expanse that shapes our world.

Ocean Literacy Brief Series

The overarching aim of the Ocean Literacy Brief Series is to serve as a beacon of knowledge and a catalyst for change. This transformative series has a multi-faceted mission: to share experiences, illuminate priorities, outline key principles, and provide practical ways forward for supporting ocean literacy.

1. Sharing Experiences: The series unfolds as a tapestry of narratives, weaving together the experiences of diverse stakeholders engaged in ocean literacy initiatives.

2. Prioritizing Ocean Literacy: At the heart of this initiative lies a commitment to prioritize ocean literacy as a fundamental component of global education and awareness.

3. Key Principles for Sustainable Practices: The briefs articulate key principles that underpin sustainable practices and responsible interactions with the marine environment.

4. Practical Ways Forward: More than a theoretical exploration, the series offers tangible and actionable strategies to propel ocean literacy initiatives forward. From innovative educational approaches to effective private sector engagement, each brief provides practical pathways for individuals and organizations to contribute actively to the advancement of ocean literacy.

5. Empowering Ocean Stewards: Ultimately, the aim is to empower individuals to become active ocean stewards.

6. Fostering a Global Conversation: By fostering a global conversation, the aim is to create a shared understanding and commitment to ocean literacy that transcends geographical boundaries.

In essence, the Ocean Literacy Brief Series is a call to action, an invitation to join a collaborative effort in building a more ocean-literate and sustainable future.

Together, let us embark on this journey of shared experiences, mutual priorities, and practical solutions for a blue tomorrow.

The Ocean Literacy Brief Series, spearheaded by the EU4Ocean Coalition and backed by the European Commission, is strategically tailored to engage diverse groups, including key actors and professionals actively involved in or supporting ocean literacy initiatives. Emphasizing a priority on European engagement, the series extends its reach globally, inviting an international audience to share challenges faced and experiences developed in Europe.

General publications13 November 2023
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