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Empowering Teachers: Train the Trainer in the Network of European Blue Schools

Teachers are the backbone of the Network of European Blue Schools, sparking student interest and driving ocean-related projects. NEBS supports educators through initiatives like MOOCs and workshops, fostering ocean literacy for a sustainable future.


Teachers are the driving force behind the Network of European Blue Schools (NEBS). While the Blue Schools concept emphasizes student and teacher engagement in ocean-related projects, it's the educators who ignite the initial interest in their students. Juggling multiple responsibilities, they supervise projects, seek funding, and apply for NEBS certification—all while ensuring a safe learning environment.

Recognizing the crucial role of educators, NEBS prioritizes supporting them on their journey to becoming Agents of Change within the European Blue Schools framework. One approach is equipping them with the knowledge and tools to develop impactful Blue Projects and draw inspiration from existing initiatives.

In the Spring Semester of 2024, NEBS collaborated with the European Schoolnet to launch the "Bring The Ocean into Your School MOOC", which was hosted by European Schoolnet's Academy. This four-week and four-module online course took place between January 15th and February 21st, 2024, and aimed to enhance educators' understanding of ocean literacy and its relevance in STEAM education. 741 educators took part in the course, reaching over 8,000 students indirectly.

The MOOC was very well received by the participants - 97% of them stated that they will use the ideas and examples presented in the course in their everyday work, and shared impressions that the course made them more confident and able to implement ocean-related topics in their schools. Although the courses have concluded, the materials remain available and archived at the European Schoolnet Academy. To learn more about this MOOC, click here: Bring The Ocean into Your School | European Schoolnet Academy.

Continuing the partnership with the European Schoolnet and Scientix, NEBS introduced the Science Projects Online Workshops (SPOWs) on Plastic Pollution And Working With Ocean Technology. These three-week interactive online workshops provided valuable insights and resources to 38 educators, further strengthening the network of ocean literacy advocates.



In April, the "BlueMinds4Teachers - Fostering Ocean Literacy in Education for Sustainable Development," course was launched.  This initiative, one of the winners of the Challenge of the Year 2023 that received financial support from EU4Ocean, aims to equip teachers with cutting-edge methodologies and tools.

Developed in collaboration with marine and freshwater research scientists, as well as experts from education and social sciences, the course aligns closely with EU priorities, the UN Ocean Decade, and the Sustainable Development Goals. With 200 registrants already, "BlueMinds4Teachers" promises to empower educators to effectively impart Ocean Literacy, fostering a generation that can assess their impact on the environment objectively.

Empowering educators is key to nurturing a future generation of environmentally conscious citizens. With initiatives like the MOOC, SPOWs, and "BlueMinds4Teachers," NEBS continues advancing ocean literacy and sustainability education, ensuring a brighter and more informed tomorrow for our oceans and planet.