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Maritime Forum

Youth4Ocean Forum at the One Ocean Summit

Discover the programme of the members of the Youth4Ocean Forum on the occasion of the One Ocean Summit.

The One Ocean Summit with bring together European ocean stakeholders from the 9 to 11 of February in Brest, France. The conference will aim to raise the collective level of ambition of the international community on marine issues and accelerate tangible commitments.

On this occasion, the members of the Youth4Ocean Forum are mobilised to make this event a success. You will find below the events that our members are organising or participating in.




Ocean Exhibition

5-20/02/22 - La Rochelle
This exhibition, created on the occasion of the French presidency of the European Union, which invites visitors to sail in European waters and around the globe to discover a great diversity of landscapes that follow one another without ever looking the same: coastal areas, cold or tropical seas, deep sea... The exhibition also highlights those involved in preserving these environments, including the members of the Youth4Ocean Forum.



First Rays of the New Rising Sun (First Screening)

08/02/22 - La Rochelle
In partnership with the association Sailing Hirondelle (member of the Youth4Ocean Forum), the University of Brest is organising the first screening of the medium-length film « First Rays of the New Rising Sun » which tells how three weeks of sailing with those who live the sea every day has changed the vision of the world of the director Anoar Maria Ward. The screening will be followed by a discussion between the audience and the director.



Waves of Breizh

09/02/22 - Brest
As part of the events accompanying the One Ocean Summit, the Youth4Ocean Forum will take part in a participatory workshop organised by the association Waves of Changes in partnership with Bluenove and the Credit Agricole start-up village. The workshop aims to develop cooperation between private and public actors to preserve the health of our oceans.



Educate to the Sea, Ocean for Youth

10/02/22 - 16:00 Brest
In this workshop, part of the official programme of the One Ocean Summit, the Youth4Ocean Forum will be presented as an example of initiative to empower the Youth on marine issues. The workshop will be the occasion to discover other initiatives targeting the youth and will be accessible online on registration.



Eurocean's Youth workshop

7-13/02/22 - Online
The Youth4Ocean support the Surfrider Foundation initiative « Eurocean’s Youth ». On the occasion of the One Ocean Summit, Surfrider is organising a one week workshop where young people will develop their vision of the European maritime sector. They will share their experience and highlight the link between European youth and jobs related to the sea, embodying European values of inclusion and sharing.