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Youth & Entrepreneurship

Youth & Entrepreneurship

Youth & Entrepreneurship

EU4Algae interview on Youth & Entrepreneurship: Finding your niche

Working group 7 Youth & Entrepreneurship will attract more youth and entrepreneurs into the algae industry​, by creating and sharing an overview of events, support tools, platforms and communities to provide a clear pathway to a career in algae-related industries.

The following activities and outcomes are foreseen:

  • Map stakeholders and establish contact with relevant youth & entrepreneurship organizations;
  • Develop a social media campaign with business “success stories” and endorsement from target groups;
  • Create and promote an online repository of information & resources;
  • Meet with Business Support Organisations to co-develop algae-related activities and business models; co-design a framework for an algae apprenticeship scheme with relevant companies;
  • Facilitate one workshop and organize a matchmaking event and/or Hackathon;
  • Define follow-up actions to maintain momentum and monitor progress post-project.


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General documents

General publications13 May 2024
20230314_EU4Algae_WG7_3rd meeting
General publications13 May 2024
O1.7 - 1st version of WGs action plans