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What is FARNET?

FARNET is the the European network for fisheries areas under priority axis 4 of the European Fisheries Fund.

This priority axis will be implemented through a "bottom-up" approach. A partnership of local actors called 'groups' will be responsible for designing and implementing local strategies for the sustainable development of fisheries areas. Around 20 Member States, to different degrees, will implement this new priority axis and it is expected that at least 200 groups will be created across the EU.

In addition to their territorial strategies, these groups will be encouraged to develop interregional and transnational cooperation.

The European Commission has recently established a Support Unit in charge of providing the necessary technical assistance to facilitate this process through

  • methodological support to local groups, administrations and national networks;
  • a website and regular publications (newsletter, magazine, technical dossiers);
  • thematic seminars and conferences at Community level for those actively involved in the sustainable development of fisheries areas to exchange experience and good practice and stimulate the emergence of cooperation projects;
  • preparatory technical support for the development of cooperation projects;
  • dissemination of transferable good practices on the sustainable development of fisheries areas.