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Valentine Charlet's story - Youth4Ocean Forum founding member

Meet Valentine Charlet, founding member of the Youth4Ocean Forum


The sea and the ocean are environments where I have always felt serene and in osmosis with what surrounded me. I love what I see, what I feel, whether it is the view of the sea, the feeling of freshness, the smell of the sea spray...

Since I was very young I felt in my element and I started sailing at the age of 9. It was my favorite sport for 11 years, I was able to sail on lakes and seas all over the north of France. Today, this sport is a way to share the joy of being carried away by the wind with my family and friends!

This sport also made me realize that the water and the marine fauna and flora were not preserved in the same way everywhere. I observed the same four years ago during a trip to southern India. When I wanted to swim in the Indian Ocean, I could not take a step without garbage brushing against my legs. I looked at them and I realized that there were French ones.... Waste management and our consumption of polluting materials such as plastic come mainly from rich countries such as France, which prefers to dispose of its waste in another country because it is cheaper than recycling and managing it in its country of origin.

This is why I would like in the future that we achieve zero waste consumption, limiting our consumption, limiting intensive fishing and that countries take their responsibilities.