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Vademecum Maritime number 43

the latest set of useful statistics on shipping and shipbuilding prepared by DG MOVE


Visual Summary of Vademecum . i-ii

1. The Trade

2. The Maritime Business

3. Structure of the Shipping Industry

4. Short-Sea Shipping,Ferries/Passengers

5. The Ports

6. The tankers' routes: Oil and Gas

7. The Shipbuilding Sector

8. Crews, Seafarers and Employment


Annex 1-A: European Merchant Fleet .

Annex 1-B: World Merchant Fleet

Annex 2-A: EU Maritime Policy Legislation

Annex 2-B: International Maritime Law/Conventions

Annex 3: Importance of the Baltic Dry Index

Annex 4: Shipping Operational Costs, Ship Prices

Annex 5-A: Actors involved, Responsibilities

Annex 5-B: Safety watch: List of companies, ships

Annexes 6-15: SSS, Ports, Energy, Safety, Yards

Annex 16: Maritime News (1st Semester 2014)

EU Maritime Policy and Legislation

Sectorial News (market trends and companies)

News in enlarged EU and bordering zones

Other international, world news

International Legislation & Institutions

Back cover: Main Units and Measures Maritime

NEW IN THIS ISSUE: Community Guidelines: the impact that state aid has had on Shipping; Arctic transits through NSR, NWP: ship numbers, types, Issues; Maritime Security: the new EU Strategy 2014; DNV-GL's plan to cut sea casualties and accidents by 90%

Vademecum Maritime number 43

Vademecum Maritime number 43 (short version)