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‘Marine Ecosystem Diaries’ will give public a deep tour of the ocean’s ecosystems. The Marine Diaries, an ocean science communication platform, is today launching a new public education initiative designed to bring the ocean to life for all...


4th March, London, UK - The Marine Diaries, an ocean science communication platform, is today launching a new public education initiative designed to bring the ocean to life for all people. The ‘Marine Ecosystem Diaries’ invites you on an exciting tour of the world's ocean ecosystems, and is the latest deep dive by the Marine Diaries into the watery world below.

Commenting on the launch, Director of The Marine Diaries, Rebecca Daniel, said: “The more we understand the ocean’s ecosystems, the better we can protect them. And the more people who understand the situation they’re in, the better chance we have of meaningful change. All marine life around the world is under threat; public awareness and education is essential to reversing this trend. We have launched Marine Ecosystem Diaries to give everyone a chance to see what’s at stake and fall in love with the wonders under the sea. The team has put in some incredible time and energy into this project - so we hope everyone enjoys the content as much as we enjoyed creating it.”

From coral reefs, to deep sea hydrothermal vents, join us as we explore each important habitat, telling stories of the ocean through a variety of easily accessible and educational materials. The goal of this journey is to immerse the reader in the sights and sounds of these marine ecosystems. The core message of this project is the important role that these ecosystems play in our global climate, the contribution these systems make to the blue economy worldwide, and the billions of people that rely on the health and wellbeing of these habitats. Many of these precious jewels are imperilled from various anthropogenic threats, and we hope to connect and inspire people from all parts of the globe to protect them.

This ambitious ocean literacy project is focused on 9 different marine ecosystems, all of which play a role in the direct support of over 3 billion people, the vast majority of which are in developing countries. Additionally, in America, the UK, and across Europe, the blue economy contributes trillions to each country’s respective GDP. Not only that, but healthy marine ecosystems store carbon, support fisheries, create life-giving oxygen, and provide recreational opportunities. But, these are just a few of the services these ecosystems provide to every person on earth - whether near or far from the ocean.

Engaging audiences in an interesting and digestible way that instills the importance of these ecosystems for the planet is at the heart of this project. Posters produced for this project can be downloaded and printed on A4 or A3. Posters can be used freely in conjunction with videos and articles by individuals, schools, marine NGOs, and other institutions to aid the education of the public. As part of this effort to enhance public understanding of the oceans, The Marine Diaries also recently became a member of the EU4Oceans network, a new initiative by the European Commission aimed at increasing ocean literacy.

A total of 48 volunteers, including illustrators, researchers, videographers, editors and more have worked on this project for over a year. A range of videographers and organisations have collaborated with us on this project, including large organisations like Marine Conservation Society, Schmidt Ocean, and Blue Ventures. These collaborations have helped raise the profile of this project, bringing about an increase in ocean literacy, and raising awareness of the threats to these marine ecosystems. All footage used in the videos is archive footage - no new carbon emissions were created through travel to locations to capture it.

To learn more about the different marine ecosystems, watch educational videos, or download the free posters visit: or follow our project on social media. The Marine Ecosystem Diaries launched in January 2020, so far materials have been released on coral reefs and the open ocean ecosystems.

About The Marine Diaries

The Marine Diaries is a non-profit organisation, registered in the UK. It is on a mission to communicate ocean science, and has a powerful new voice to add to the chorus of ocean literacy. It educates and influences the public through engaging content, and inspires the next generation of ocean warriors. The Marine Diaries connects people with the ocean, by bringing them the beauty of the underwater world, and exposing them to the struggle experienced by marine life and people alike due to current anthropogenic threats. Through the power of science communication, it encourages responsible behaviour now, and for the future.