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Toward a European strategy for bathymetric data

outcome of EMODnet coastal mapping project


Connecting all the results, a proposition of EU Strategy was produced. It was approved by all the partners and presented to the DG MARE. This Strategy is based on three axes and should be implemented by three pillar actions.

AXIS 1 Set up coordinated programmes for data acquisition at maritime basin scale
AXIS 2 Seize opportunities for bathymetric data acquisition in the framework of the EU operational programmes and funds; and ensure that those data are standardized and capitalized;
AXIS 3 Promote good practices for the production of bathymetric data from multiple sources, standardized for re-use by all coastal stakeholders for maritime policies

Executive summary

Maintenance Report

To consult the final report and other reports from the EMODnet coastal mapping project, please visit the EMODnet Central portal.