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Study for impact assessment of marine knowledge 2020

Eight month study by COWI Belgium SPRL, COWI A/S, BIO Inteligence Service SAS, Ernst & Young et Associés starting 3 August 2012 (contract)

The objective is to provide background knowledge and analysis that will support the impact assessment that will follow the Green Paper on Marine Knowledge 2020 to be adopted in summer 2012.

It will build on the impact assessment[1] carried out in the framework of the 2010 Marine Knowledge 2020 Communication[2]. In particular it will

  1. determine current practice in Member States
    1. facilitating the use of marine data in the licensing process and
    2. re-using marine data assembled for the purposes of undertaking the licensed activities
  2. assess options for a sustainable governance of marine knowledge in the EU
  3. provide estimates of the cost of data required to meet the requirements of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and serve the offshore wind energv industry
  4. identify how better marine knowledge could promote innovation
  5. evaluate the benefits of reduced uncertainty in behaviour of the sea
  6. assess options for governance of the European Marine Observation and Data Network
  7. determine the most appropriate legal basis for a Directive or Regulation on marine knowledge

The background knowledge provided by this study will complement other sources of information, such as the original impact assessment, the studies that contributed to that assessment, as well as other studies such as the one for Blue Growth[3].

[1] European Marine Observation and Data Network Impact Assessment, 8.9.2010, SEC(2010) 998

[2] Marine Knowledge 2020: marine data and observation for smart and sustainable growth, 8.9.2010 COM(2010) 461

[3] Blue Growth: Scenarios and drivers for Sustainable Growth from the Oceans, Seas and Coasts DG‑MARE study . MARE/2010/01