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Steering Committee for Stakeholder Platform

The "Group of Ten" is a Steering Committee for the establishment of an all-embracing Integrated Maritime Policy Stakeholder Platform.

Joan Vande Lanotte, ChairpersonEuropean Coastal and Marine Union (EUCC) -
Eleni MarianouSecretary General of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CRPM)
Pierpaolo CampostriniCorila- Venice Platform
Antidia CitoresSurfirder Foundation Europe
Vera CoelhoSeas at Risk
Jan KappelEuropean Anglers Association (EAA)
Adi KellermanAberdeen Plus ICES
Jessica LandmanWorld Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Niall McDonounghMarine Board, European Science Foundation
Karsten SeidelMaritime Industries Forum (MIF)
Niko WijnolstEuropean Network of Maritime Clusters (ENMC)