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Share your vision of the Blue Bioeconomy: new stakeholder column

The Blue Bioeconomy Forum launches a new "3 questions to" series where stakeholders are invited to share their thoughts on the Blue Bioeconomy sector, their work, and coming trends.

We are calling on members of the Blue Bioeconomy community to contribute to our news section and help raise awareness and promote the Blue Bioeconomy sector and wider European and global bioeconomy trends.

It is a chance for you to air your knowledge, stimulate discussion ahead of planned interventions or developments, and for people in the community to get to know your organisation, and its contribution to European bioeconomy excellence.

If you would like to contribute, please answer the questions provided below as a guide; answers may be published as a straight-up Q&A with a short intro drafted by the BBF editorial team, or if better suited extracted as a free-form blog/article style. Articles will be published here on the Maritime Forum and advertised on the BBF newsletter.

The three questions are as follow:

  • What does the Blue Bioeconomy mean to you (your organisation or personally)?
  • What are the greatest challenges facing your organisation in regard to the blue bioeconomy at the moment?
  • What are the trends that we should look out for in the blue bioeconomy? And what impacts do they have on what you’re doing now or in the future?

An “about you” section is also included to allow you to introduce your work.

You can find further information in the briefing attached.

28 AUGUST 2018
BBF Briefing 3 Questions to stakeholders .pdf
(76.84 KB - PDF)