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Public consultation - microplastics pollution

from plastic pellets, synthetic textiles, tyre abrasion, paints, geotextiles and detergent capsules


The Commission is preparing measures for microplastics not intentionally added in products but unintentionally released to the environment during their life cycle; a related public consultation is open until 17 May 2022.

The initiative on Microplastics pollution – measures to reduce impacts on the environment focuses on the sources with the highest known releases, such as plastic pellets, synthetic textiles and tyre abrasion.

While the initial scope was only on plastic pellets (used for the production of all plastic items), synthetic textiles and tyre abrasion, the impact assessment support study on ‘Cost-benefit analysis of measures reducing unintentional releases of microplastics in the environment’ and stakeholder consultations called the attention to three additional sources: paints, geotextiles and detergent capsules.

We thank you in advance for participating to the consultation and for disseminating the information to other potentially interested colleagues and stakeholders.