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Contribute your perspective and help us shape the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the Blue Economy partnership. The consultation will run until 16 December.

The envisaged Blue Economy Partnership is foreseen as a co-funded partnership under the Horizon Europe R&I framework programme 2021-27. The format will be a public-public initiative with the core group of formal members and signatories comprised of research and innovation (R&I) ministries and funding agencies from the participating countries.

To complete the partnership co-design process, we invite stakeholders to give their insights and suggestions on the first draft Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) in the open consultation. The SRIA builds on existing mature and inclusively developed pan-European and regional strategic frameworks and is due by the end of January 2021. The current draft for the SRIA has been prepared by a drafting team lead by JPI Oceans and national representatives from Ireland and France, on the basis of input and feedback from representatives of member states and associated countries, associated experts and in close collaboration with the European Commission's Directorate-General for Research and Innovation.

Responding to the guiding questions will give you an opportunity to take part in this process and contribute to shaping the partnership’s course of action during the Horizon Europe period 2021-27. The guiding questions relate to the different segments of this present version of the draft SRIA document.

Stakeholder feedback will be analysed by the drafting team and considered during the revision of the draft SRIA and a public report compiling the feedback will be made available.

Next Steps & timeline

In the next steps of preparations, the European Commission Services will further assess all partnership proposals. If the Blue Economy partnership is approved there will be an application procedure comparable to ERA-Net Cofunds in Horizon 2020. Such agreement will be valid for the entire Horizon Europe period and will cover all cofunded calls and other activities of the partnership.


In 2019 the European Commission asked potential partners to further elaborate proposals for the candidate European Partnerships identified during the strategic planning of Horizon Europe. The process lead to a portfolio of 49 European Partnerships. Among them is the Partnership for “A climate neutral, sustainable and productive Blue Economy”, foreseen for inclusion in the Horizon Europe Work Programme 2021-2022. The Partnership aim is to reduce fragmentation by linking existing activities and efforts to combine and align pan-European, regional and national investments and the identified socio-political priorities for R&I. This will offer a value proposition that signifies high return on public R&I investment through collaboration and prospect for sustainable economic development.