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Maritime Forum

Ocean Energy Forum - Relevant literature

Ocean Energy Forum - Ocean Energy Roadmap, 74pp.

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Marine Renewables 2015-2025 Roadmap, 16pp.

(2015) Renewables Global Status Report (GSR),

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Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (2015) Building on Ireland’s energy research performance, Horizon 2020, 44pp.

Marine Energy Programme Board (MEPB) working groups (2015) Wave and Tidal Energy in the UK: Capitalising on capability: A report for the Marine Energy Programme Board, 20pp.

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UK Energy Research Centre and Energy Technologies Institute (2014) Marine Energy Technology Roadmap 2014, 14pp.

International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) (2014) Ocean Energy Technology Briefs; Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, Salinity Gradient Energy, Tidal Energy, Wave Energy, (Pag. Var.)

European Ocean Energy (2013) Industry Vision Paper, 27pp.

Strategic Initiative for Ocean Energy (2013) Ocean Energy: Cost of Energy and Cost Reduction Opportunities, 29pp.

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Agence de L’Environment et de la Maitrise de L’Energie (ADEM) (2010) Roadmap for renewable marine energy (In French, English Title), 32pp.

European Ocean Energy Association (March 2010) Ocean Energy European Road Map: Waves of Opportunity, 31pp.

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (?) Ocean Energy Roadmap 2010-2050, 7pp.

European Ocean Energy Association (?) Oceans of energy European Ocean Energy Roadmap 2010-2050, 36pp.

Strategic Initiative for Ocean Energy (?) Energy Ocean Energy: State of the Art, 79pp.