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The new Bioeconomy Strategy of the European Commission has been published!

On 11 October 2018, the Commission has put forward an action plan to develop a sustainable and circular bioeconomy that serves Europe's society, environment and economy.



The European Commission has published on 11 October 2018 its renewed Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan.


As announced by President Juncker and First Vice-President Timmermans in their letter of intent accompanying President Juncker's 2018 State of the Union Address, the new bioeconomy strategy is part of the Commission's drive to boost jobs, growth and investment in the EU. It aims to improve and scale up the sustainable use of renewable resources to address global and local challenges such as climate change and sustainable development.

In a world of finite biological resources and ecosystems, an innovation effort is needed to feed people, and provide them with clean water and energy. The bioeconomy can turn algae into fuel, recycle plastic, convert waste into new furniture or clothing or transform industrial by-products into bio-based fertilisers. It has the potential to generate 1 million new green jobs by 2030.


Main priorities
  1. Scaling up and strengthening the bio-based sectors
  2. Rapidly deploying bioeconomies across Europe
  3. Protecting the ecosystem and understanding the ecological limitations of the bioeconomy
Oceans and the blue bioeconomy receive prominent attention

The strategy will participate in enabling a plastic-free ocean, and will help develop ocean farming through scaling up and market uptake of marine bio-based industries, as well as further integration of marine and land-based farming. Research will continue to be supported, to "reinforce the resilience of land and marine ecosystems, enhance their biodiversity and ensure their contribution to climate mitigation while transforming our fossil-based economy into a bio-based economy."


The Blue Bioeconomy Forum will be one of the key deliverables of this strategy.


The Commission is hosting a conference on 22 October in Brussels to discuss the action plan with stakeholders and highlight tangible bio-based products.

Further information and all documents are available here.

For a 2min video summarising the strategy, see here.