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A new approach to the Atlantic maritime strategy

In a virtual workshop held on Wednesday 21, October 2020, in the frame of the 18th European Week of Regions and Cities, the participants had the opportunity to be informed on the revised Atlantic Action plan, which the European Commission adopted on...

A new approach to the Atlantic maritime strategy

The first objective of this workshop was to inform the participants about the revised Atlantic Action plan, which the European Commission has adopted on 23 July in 2020. This action plan promotes trans-regional and cross-sectorial cooperation aimed at fostering a sustainable, resilient and competitive blue economy in the EU Atlantic Area The revamped action plan gives new impetus to the Atlantic maritime strategy and opens new avenues to offset the adverse socio-economic impact of the corona virus pandemic.

The second objective of this workshop is to incentivise territorial actors such as managing authorities both at regional and national level to get involved in the Atlantic Maritime Strategy and target resources in support of the revised Atlantic action plan.

Further to the introductory statements made by the speakers, the panel discussion focussed on how the blue economy potential can be best unleashed in the Atlantic area. Next, the moderator asked speakers about how to ensure better implementation of the new Atlantic Maritime Strategy Action plan at national and regional level.

Take away message:

  • There is a need to identify which sectors have the highest growth and jobs potential
  • It is essential to develop new skills and offer new training courses e.g. in the shipping sector. Skills are key enabling factors in the recovery from the Covid-19 crisis as well.
  • Smart specialisation strategies are aslo useful governance tools to identify where strengths lie in terms of the recovery efforts
  • Regions are not only implementers but owners as well, thus they can influence the alignment of funding.
  • Decarbonisation, skills development, implementing the Green Deal and focussing on S3 are all important policy areas for the Atlantic area.


‘Everybody has to be on the same blue line’.

‘With the revised Atlantic Action Plan we have planted a tree at the right time and at the right season to let it grow’.


General publications13 November 2020
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General publications13 November 2020
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