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Microalgae & Cyanobacteria production


Microalgae production

Discover what’s behind EU4Algae Working Group 2: Microalgae production

‘Working group 2 Microalgae production’ will support the enlargement of the current production capacity/technologies and quality of produced biomass by improving the business environment and cooperation across the algae sector. It aims at tackling all the production techniques at all scales and improving the production yield with quality control at all levels. More specifically, it will facilitate access to most efficient technologies, identify bottlenecks for scale-up of current or innovative production systems, and support new initiatives to contribute to enlarge the capacity and quality of current production systems.

The following activities and outcomes are foreseen:

  • Mapping of production technologies including harvesting and biorefineries;
  • Definition of criteria for certification of biomass quality;
  • Definition of the differences between the production of biomass for feed/food purpose from the biomass produced for waste remediation;
  • Achieve better market knowledge and industry contacts;
  • Establish guidelines for transparent and high-quality EU microalgae production;
  • Deliver a knowledge platform to steer cost-effective and sustainable production.


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