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Major new release of EMODnet Digital Bathymetry on

The EMODnet Digital Bathymetry (DTM) made available earlier this year has been improved and upgraded over the last 6 months - the result is now published on the EMODnet Bathymetry portal Several anomalies have...

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EMODnet Bathymetry publishes major new release the EMODnet Digital Bathymetry - 8 September 2015

The EMODnet Digital Bathymetry (DTM) release in February 2015 has been improved and upgraded over the last six months and the result is now published on the EMODnet Bathymetry portal Like the previous release, the DTM covers all of European seas. However several anomalies have been corrected improving the overall product considerably. The number of surveys data sets and composite DTMs used as sources has increased from circa 6000 to circa 7000. Many of these survey data are recent observations and originate from existing data providers but also from new data providers. The new DTM is based on inputs from 31 data providers from 18 countries. References to the used data and their data holders can be found in the source references layer. The resolution of the DTM is a grid with 1/8 * 1/8 arc minutes (circa 230 metres). In addition, the new release includes layers showing high resolution bathymetry for selected coastal waters in Europe to test the concept of a multi resolution product. High resolution data is available for the German North Sea coast, the French Mediterranean coast and Dunmanus bay in Ireland. Altogether the EMODnet DTM contains data points (28.799 rows x 37.922 columns) which are divided over 16 tiles which can be downloaded freely in various formats. Visitors can view and browse through the DTM using the Bathymetry Viewing and Download service, which also allows you to download tiles ( The NetCDF format can be used in combination with the 3D viewer software, which you can find at the portal. When accessing the Bathymetry Viewing and Download service to consult the new DTM for the first time, please clear your browser cache to ensure viewing the new release.

Further upgrading of the EMODnet DTM is planned incorporating even more surveys and further improvement of the digital bathymetry. Therefore we continue our invitation to potential survey data providers to contact us for cooperation and and generating an even better DTM product. General information and access to the DTM is available from the EMODnet bathymetry website and portal