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Kick-off meeting with project beneficiaries - Outputs

A kick-off meeting with beneficiaries of EMFF-funded projects took place on 7 December 2021. The meeting was attended by 40 people

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"Synergies and clustering between maritime projects" was officially presented to EMFF project beneficiaries in a remote meeting that took place on 7 December 2021.

40 people attended the meeting, including beneficiaries of both ongoing and concluded EMFF-funded projects, showing great interest in the outputs of this project. The meeting gathered a wide variety of beneficiaries such as research institutes, education bodies, SMEs, etc. who coordinate EMFF projects spanning areas such as nautical tourism, underwater heritage, circular economy, renewable energy, aquaculture, maritime transport, etc.

CINEA and DG MARE opened the meeting, stressing the importance that this project can have in maximising the impact of EMFF- and EMFAF-funded projects and in fostering mutual learning and creating synergies between different initiatives and programmes funded by the European Commission.

The contractor briefly outlined the timetable, next steps and expected outputs of the project.

Attached to this post you can find the agenda and the presentation that was given during the meeting.