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Investment in ports for offshore wind

collected by WindEurope. This brings the total amount of investments needed in ports to €6.5 billion by 2030.


We collected data from Ports active in the Offshore Wind market. This allowed us to define the following costs for different Ports’ infrastructure works:

  • Upgrading / extending Ports facilities for a port already in the bottom-fixed offshore wind business: €20-80 million
  • Building a new energy port/terminal for bottom-fixed offshore wind(of around 15-20ha): €80 - 110 million
  • Building a decommissioning facility in the Port area: €5-10 million
  • Floating port adaptations or new terminal:€200 million
  • Renewable hydrogen production in Ports - pilot / small scale projects - €100 million

Based on this, and the latest trends of the offshore wind market, we can estimate the amount of investments required by 2030 in EU:

  • Around 30 ports[1] actively working on bottom-fixed offshore wind today. If all ports have to expand before 2030: €1 billion
  • New energy ports or terminals for new bottom-fixed offshore wind: 15-20 [2] new terminals/ports: €2 billion
  • New decommissioning facilities: no more than 5 by 2030: €50 million
  • 6 Floating ports projects by 2030: around €1.5 billion
  • 2 energy islands North Sea and Baltic Sea by 2030 – €1 billion
  • Hydrogen production – 10 production plants by 2030– €1 billion

This brings the total amount of investments needed in ports to €6.5 billion by 2030.

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[1] Total number of ports active in bottom-fixed offshore wind is HERE. UK and NO Ports are excluded

[2] Including emerging markets (e.g. Greece and Italy)